About me

Michelle is compassionate, intuitive and optimistic. She is a seeker of a higher truth. She has a heart for others and focuses immensely on relationships.
“Not understanding why, I ended up divorced and ultimately failed at several pivotal relationships. Being a big fan of love…I needed to know, where did I go wrong?
Fervently uncovering as much knowledge as possible I was on a mission seeking answers. I had to find truths with an unyielding desire why things turned out the way they did? What componets worked and what failed? I began sorting through many common certainties that had always existed! Through these patterns, I found the resolutions I was seeking. I came to discover that love and relationships were not as tricky as I thought. Bringing many truths into the light can be a moment of opportunity and change.”
“I had many revelations, the only thing left was to share them.”
I began writing Michelle for supervisor out of a desire to keep record of my past mistakes and simultaneously help others by sharing my unique experiences. I am a strong believer in the power of manifestation, which is the knowledge that people create their own realities.