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How To Tell If A Guy Is A Virgin?

For a healthy relationship, the individuals are required to focus on lots of things. It is not only the responsibility of an individual. Both boy and girl need to focus on various factors and try to make things easier. Sometimes, the individuals are wandering with a query such as – how to tell if a man is a virgin and so on.

In order to get answer to such question, the individuals are required to observe the behavior of boy only. The nature of these types of boys is completely different as compared to the other ones. Now I’m going to mention some common signs that represent a virgin boy.

Passion to adult movies

If you noticed that a guy watch xxx movies too often, it can be the first sign that hi is a virgin. It doesn’t a bad thing, or such a big problem, it means that he is ready to meet his first girl, but haven’t done it yet

man is a virgin

Awkward kissing

The virgin guys are completely different they are hesitating before doing anything. In case you want to make things easier then you should try to focus on lots of things. If you want to tell if a guy is a virgin then his kissing style is playing an important role. He kisses by following an awkward way. It may create uncomfortable condition for the girl.

Mainly these types of conditions are appearing due to the shy nature of boy. Sometimes the virgin guys are also a good kisser. In these types of situations, you should be focused on some other factors. In the upcoming points, I’m going to mention some of these.

Shy about touching

A virgin guy is shy in all cases. In case a boy never involves in intimacy creating situations then it may lead to a different shyness. These ones are mainly hesitating when it comes to touch a girl. They are avoiding these types of situations and try to make things easier in other ways. You can notice these types of conditions when it comes to capture an image with a girl.

In these cases, most of the virgin boys are trying to avoid the touch of other girl. It is a way by which they are showing respect for the girls. You should check if a guy is virgin by observing such factor.

Ask for permission

All boys are trying to make love when they are in a relationship. In case you are in a relationship with a virgin guy then he is behaving in a different manner. Mainly these types of boys are asking for the permission and try to make lots of things easier. The boys are asking for permission because they do not experience these things before and do not know how to behave.


If we talk about the physical intimacy then the virgin boys are always facing some confusion. They are unsure regarding their physical performance. It creates nervousness and they may not enjoy that particular moment.

These are some major points that can help you in getting proof of male virginity. In case you are interested in getting more surety then you should try to observe him more. All these factors are providing a good comfort level to the individuals and help them in sorting all types of issues.